Tuition and examination fees for 2021/22¹

Bachelor’s in International Communication and Businessmonthly€490.00
Bachelor’s in Modern Chinese Studiesmonthly€490.00
Bachelor’s in Translation Chinesemonthly€490.00
Bachelor’s in Translation (external examination)2Overview of fees from 01/09/2020 (PDF)
Master’s in Intercultural Communicationmonthly€540.00
Master’s in Intercultural Communication
module programme

depending on the chosen module

Master’s as Digital Media Managermonthly€540.00
Master’s in Interpretingmonthly€690.00
International Master’s in Translationmonthly€540.00
Master’s in Post-Editing & Quality Managementmonthly€440.00
Máster Internacional para Profesores de Español como Lengua Extranjera (ELE)3monthly€300.00
Master’s in Translation Management – dual studies3monthly€830.00
Master’s in International Sales Managementmonthly


Admission fee (for EU applicantsas well as online programmes)once€475.00
Admission fee (for non-EU applicants4)once€950.00
Student Union feeper semester€75.00
Solidarity fee for the MVV semester ticketper semester€69.40
Examination fee for Bachelor’s degree programmesonce€200.00
Examination fee for Master’s degree programmesonce€250.00

1 Subject to changes
2 Does not include the tuition fees of the Professional College for Translation & Interpreting
3 No semester ticket and solidarity fee
4 According to the place of the last educational qualification

Discount on tuition fees

If tuition fees are not paid monthly, but in advance in larger instalments or in full, there is a financial benefit:

  • 5% discount if tuition fees are paid in full before the degree programme starts
  • 3% discount if tuition fees are paid in annual instalments before the 1st, 3rd and 5th semester starts

Discounts only apply to the tuition fees for a degree programme’s standard period of study.

Visiting students

In general, it is possible to enrol as a visiting student in individual courses of the degree programmes.

For more information on requirements and fees, please contact the University's Student Affairs Office at Studienamt@sdi-muenchen.de.

Methods of payment

Information on the methods of payment

Enrolment is binding for the entire degree programme. The enrolment contract between the student and the International University SDI München is the basis (see back of enrolment contract for enrolment and study conditions). This entails the obligation to regularly pay the tuition fees of the entire degree programme. Tuition fees are monthly fees which students can pay either per semester in advance (in October and April of the academic year) or monthly (in October to September of the academic year). The desired method of payment (monthly or per semester) is to be indicated on the enrolment form. In the case of payment per semester, the fees are to be paid on time without special request. Monthly payment is only possible by SEPA Direct Debit mandate. Payments are debited on the 10th of each month.

Since the winter semester 2013/14, the Student Union fee and the solidarity fee for the semester ticket (€75.00 + €69.40 = €144.40) has been debited from all enrolled students. It is debited on 15 September and 10 February with the monthly fee for the previous semester.

Students who prefer a bank transfer of the tuition fees at the beginning of the semester over Direct Debit mandate must transfer €144.40 to the International University by 13 September and 10 February.

Please note that new students must pay the one-time admission fee, the Student Union fee and the solidarity fee for the semester ticket upon enrolment, but no later than 13 September (€475 + €75.00 + €69.40 = €619.40).

Bank details / account data

Tuition fees are to be paid as cashless transactions in euros to the account of the International University SDI München:

Commerzbank AG München    
Account number: 211266200 (Bank code: 70040041)    
IBAN: DE43700400410211266200 (BIC COBADEFFXXX4)

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